Buenos Aires Volunteers (BA Volunteer) offers a unique opportunity for people of all ages from all over the world to learn how to work in a social organization, study Spanish, and experience the culture of Argentina.

BA Volunteer is an educational program that works to strengthen Argentina’s social sector through the contribution of outgoing international volunteers that want to be part of social change. Our mission is to facilitate projects that leave a lasting impact on the participants, and that contribute to the creation of a more sustainable social sector in Argentina.
It’s educational.  It’s meaningful.  It’s fun! Take part!

You will never forget your volunteering experience in Argentina!

BA Volunteer is part of the social
organization Amartya.
Amartya works to promote sustainability
through educational programs.

BA Volunteer works in partnership with grassroots organizations in Buenos Aires in order to strengthen the social sector through developing projects that contribute to social change and sustainable development.

Working with grassroots organizations implies a big responsibility. Our volunteers are in contact with children and other vulnerable groups, and the workplace culture in Argentina is often different from what you are used to. That’s why we look for volunteers that are pro-active, flexible and committed. 

Read more about volunteer placement possibilities and our social areas.

We offer customized educational support that will enable you
to work in a grassroots organization while enjoying and integrating yourself with the Argentine culture.

We have weekly meetings with all our volunteers, and we provide various educational workshops to ensure that all our projects have long-term sustainable impact.

Our goal is to provide you with tools to make your stay a meaningful experience while leaving a sustainable impact on the organization(s) you volunteer for.

Our support includes: work training, on-field assistance, Spanish classes, personalized work position, work certificate, accommodation assistance, airport pick-up, and social and cultural activities.

Do you want to learn how to work in a social project in Buenos Aires?

If you want to participate in our program, please fill out the online form. Submitting our application form will enable us to suggest volunteer placement that match your interests and background. You’ll be officially enrolled in the program once you’ve paid the enrollment fee.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

There is no upper age limit, and people from all backgrounds and nationalities are welcome to take part in our program.


Teach children how to recycle their garbage while they make a toy! We believe that in order to contribute to a sustainable development it is essential to create awareness among children about the importance of environmental protection. In this project we work with young children by learning through playing. We also transfer knowledge and raise awareness among the adults in the neighbourhood.

Sophie De Marche (19) | BELGIUM | July 2012

“For me the combination of volunteering and at the same time getting to know a different city and culture was an amazing experience. I will not forget the feeling you get when you know you are contributing to improve the standard of living of the inhabitants, or just one day in their lives. It also reminds me that the simplest things are sometimes the important ones.
This trip was also an opportunity to meet people from everywhere in the world.

Thank you to all BA Volunteer staff for being there for me and all the enjoyment that this trip brought me!”